Car Traveling Tips for a Family Journey

Car Traveling Tips for a Family Journey

Date added: December 17th, 2021

Wind in the face, untraveled corners of the country, heart-to-heart with nature and excitement of freedom… Driving your car out of Indianapolis can be a pleasant get-away. How to get prepared for a trip, what to take with you and how to make your drive a joyful journey?  

Getting Ready for a Trip

Good planning is half-success. Here is a list of steps you need to take before setting off on a long family journey. 

  • Make sure that your car is spacious enough. If you travel with the whole family, you can’t do it without a minivan. If you’ve been wondering whether to buy such a car, then it is a sign. Especially that used car dealerships in Indiana offer good deals these days. For example, at Indy Auto Man in Indianapolis, you will find the widest selection of used minivans and the most favorable trade-in offers. 
  • Carry out a technical inspection. Do not travel with unresolved problems and worn parts. This is particularly important for long off-road trips. Check the suspension, engine and change the motor oil.
  • Get directions. Select the places where you want to go and where you can spend the night. Calculate the distance and check the mobile and Internet coverage if you plan to go far from populated places.
  • Talk to experienced ones. Maybe some of your friends know which route to go better. If not, then the Internet forums will help you with this.

Car Travel Kit

Further, you will find a list of things that may be useful during the trip. Something is already in your trunk, something you will never use or hastily forget to take, how it usually goes. But most of the items you will certainly be thankful to have at hand during the trip.

  • First aid kit. Think about what medicines you can not cope without. If you travel in the summer, take insect spray.
  • Rescue kit. A spare wheel, a jack, a compressor, brake fluid, and antifreeze, the most necessary working tools, and even a fire extinguisher – anything can happen on the road. Think of a lighter or matches, batteries, a flashlight, napkins, and toilet paper.
  • Navigation. Throw the paper map in the glove compartment – the electronics can fail at the most unpredictable moment.
  • Money. Bank cards always come in handy but don’t forget to take some cash for pocket expenses and several large bills just in case.

Tips Along the Way

So, your car is a comfortable fortress on wheels, equipped for all occasions. Now let’s talk about road safety rules.

  • Don’t forget to stop for gas. Never bring the fuel level in the tank to a minimum.
  • Take breaks. It is better to stop every 2-3 hours – you do not want the trip to turn into your durability test.
  • Sleep. Not behind the wheel but in pre-booked rooms. A good rest is the best preparation for a pleasant trip.
  • Be attentive. Do not stop in unfamiliar places and do not take companions. Pepper spray or a powerful flashlight to blind the attacker will not take up much space but can help in difficult times.

Monitor situation. If everything is against you – rain, strong wind or slippery road – it’s better to wait for the weather in the city. And if a storm catches you on the road – find a safe place and wait out in the car.

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