Enjoy using these productivity-boosting apps with your Postpaid connection

Enjoy using these productivity-boosting apps with your Postpaid connection

Date added: March 19th, 2022

At a time like this, when most of us are still cooped up in our houses and have stayed this way for more 2 years now, it is anything but common to feel like our productivity has reduced. But, worry not! You have a plethora of apps that can help boost your productivity in a few simple steps. All you have to do is get a postpaid plan that suits your needs such as best airtel postpaid plan and let these apps run throughout the day without worrying about data usage.

More on that later, but first let us take a look at these 5 productivity-boosting apps on Playstore that will be perfect for you to get started:

1- Minimalist Pomodoro Timer – Goodtime Productivity

Are you someone who really wants to get better at time management? Do you procrastinate a lot and end up getting stressed in the end? Well, then this might just be the app to help you in all the right ways.

Minimalist Pomodoro Timer, also known by the mononym Goodtime, is an app designed to keep you focused and free of distractions. The app creates and handles alternate sessions of focused work and short breaks to boost your productivity. It also allows taking a longer break after a configurable number of work sessions are completed.

This lightweight yet powerful app comes in both free and pro versions. While the pro version offers features like Coloured labels, Backup export and import, and more, the free version is just as good. Moreover, if you have a postpaid number, you can easily let it run without worrying about data usage.

2- Forest: Stay Focused

What if you could build a whole forest just by increasing your productivity? Sounds cool, right? Get the Forest app now and make it your reality. This award-winning app checks your commitment by asking you to plant a tree every time you need to focus.

If you get distracted and check, your phone your tree dies. If you stay focused and finish your commitment, your tree grows. Keep up the commitment and stay focused to build a whole forest filled with trees, as proof of your focus and commitment. And if you’re worried about data usage, simply get the best postpaid planfor you and you can continue growing trees without any worries.

The more you play, the more focused you are, the more adorable trees you unlock. That way, the app keeps things seem interesting and you’ll want to continue staying focused. It can also help you manage ADHD and break phone addiction while forming new productive habits.

3- Boosted – Productivity & Time Tracker

Understanding is the first step to achieving any progress in your journey to boost your productivity. Only when you understand your habits and patterns will you be able to make optimum use of the time you have at hand. And Boosted, one of the top productivity-boosting apps on Playstore helps you do that by simple time tracking.

All you have to do is, select a project that you’re working on and track the amount of time you spend completing it. You can also set timers and learn how to maximize your productivity by completing your projects in the set time. The app also gives you reports and deeper insights into your daily activities.

Stay organized by splitting your projects into smaller tasks while keeping your data safe with Google Drive backups. The app also comes with a much-preferred dark mode to keep your productivity going on at night. So, take the shortest path to self-improvement by understanding your old habits and building newer, healthier and more productive ones.

4- Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks

Working all day and completing tasks after tasks can get boring after a point in time. That’s when you need something fun to keep you motivated. And Habitica is specially designed to make accomplishing goals a fun task.

To get started, all you have to do is input your habits, daily goals, and to-do list into the app. Then create a custom avatar for yourself. Now as you keep accomplishing goals, check off tasks to level up your avatar while unlocking interesting features such as armour, pets, skills, and even quests!

You also get to fight monsters with friends to keep each other accountable, and use your gold on in-game rewards, like equipment, or custom awards, like watching an episode of your favourite TV show. In short, just start treating your life like a little game to stay motivated and organized with the fun, flexible, and social app, Habitica.

5- TickTick: To-do list & Tasks

Checklists and To-do lists are a great way to track your progress and keep yourself in check. Whether it’s for something as simple as buying groceries for your home or to keep a tab of your daily tasks, lists always help to keep you on track. And that’s exactly what TickTick does.

TickTick is an all-in-one app that acts as a simple and effective to-do list and task manager which helps you make a schedule, manage time and stay focused. It also helps to remind yourself about deadlines and organize life at home, work and everywhere else giving you an edge over others.

Whether there is an idea you want to capture, habits you want to track, personal goals to achieve, work to accomplish, projects to collaborate with colleagues, or even create a shopping list to share with family, TickTick is here for you.

Now that you know what apps you can use to get started on your self-improvement journey, let’s get to the part where we talk about your postpaid plans. If you’re looking for the best postpaid plan, look no further. Because if you ask us, all you need is an Airtel Postpaid connection and you’re good to go. The telecom brand offers both personal and family plans making it the perfect solution to boosting the productivity of your entire family. Simply get an Airtel postpaid number and choose from any of the amazing plans offered, download the aforementioned apps, and you’re good to go!

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