Here’s a List of Top iOS-based MDM Software

Here’s a List of Top iOS-based MDM Software

Date added: August 27th, 2021

The portability and reliability of iOS devices have caused them to be a common sight in most organizations around the globe. With the improvement in capabilities of smartphones and work from distance culture, personal owned or company-owned mobile devices are widely being used to access and interact with the company data. Even though it has proven to increase productivity and efficiency, smartphones can sometimes be the prime targets for cyber attacks. The Mobile Device Management or MDM solution provides a single platform for the IT admins to monitor and manage all devices connected to the system. The iOS management, in particular, holds more importance since most executives are using iOS devices. Once deployed, iOS MDM software allows the admins to manage iOS devices remotely and ensure they comply with the organization’s data security policies.

Take a look at some of the best iOS based MDM software that can ensure efficiency and productivity without making your system vulnerable. 

1. Sure MDM

Sure MDM is one of the most trusted iOS MDM solutions that allow management of both enterprises owned and BYOD (Bring your own device) iOS devices. It helps the administrators to apply and monitor the organizational policies on the devices. Offering features such as remote troubleshooting, inventory audits, kiosk lockdown, iOS update management, device health monitor and much more, Sure MDM is an easy choice. The kiosk lockdown limits the use of the device to pre-approved Apps and websites. If the phone is lost or stolen, you can locate, lock or erase the device to make sure the corporate data is safe.

2. Manage Engine Mobile Device Manager

Available as an on-premise and cloud service, Manage Engine is known for its security features. You can set up profile policies according to the departments and hierarchies. The app management features help you blocklist applications on the business side of the device, which is separated from the user’s personal profile. Geofencing, passcodes, remote locking and wiping, and more safeguard the device and information. 

3. Miradore

This cloud-based MDM is primarily aimed at small businesses, service providers, and health care companies. The lost mode for iOS devices locks the phone and displays the contact number once it is activated. The passcodes, encryption and remote locking are there to ensure security. It also offers a selective wiping facility for BYOD implementations. With this, the admin can remove all the company-related data from the devices and leave the personal data untouched.

4. Simple MDM

Using Apple’s protocols, Simple MDM is an iOS-specific solution. Since it supports  Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), its services are fast and easy to deploy. It allows you to ship new devices pre-configured for use. It can also cope with the legacy devices which might come up as BYOD. Two-factor authentication is another speciality of this platform. The need for cybersecurity is not going to leave the world any soon. Also, the changing work culture indicates that iOS and other mobile devices will be a vital part of the enterprise infrastructure. So, configure your company’s system’s devices to enterprise-grade security policies with an effective MDM and make them corporate ready.

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