How To Prepare For ACC Exam Without Coaching?

How To Prepare For ACC Exam Without Coaching?

Date added: December 30th, 2021

It is true that continuously the level of competition has been growing for the selection of soldiers for the Army Cadet College on the basis of the great demand of the job position. This is exactly why it is so crucial to help you with exam preparations so that you can enhance your chances of getting selected.

Any exam preparation is absolutely incomplete without professional tips and recommendations. For that, this post has come up for you. If you feel that you cannot afford to take up a coaching, that is fine. If you are hardworking, focused and determined, then with some points in mind; you can ace at this test.  The tips in this post are not just going to essentially boost your exam preparations but even will likewise organize your time and even that of the way to go about it. Have a look at some quick prep tips for your ACC exam without coaching.

Understand the Syllabus properly

The syllabus for Army Cadet College (ACC) written exam is possibly the prime extract of data that you will require for organizing and planning your overall examination preparation. The Army Cadet College (ACC) Syllabus will properly help you in recognizing which type of themes to focus on more and which subjects to simply treat delicately as they are of less importance. Once you have proper understanding of the syllabus, you can accordingly find out what is crucial for you to pay more attention to. This way you can reasonably arrange the syllabus with your overall examination schedule that you may make to finish the ACC Syllabus on time, so you have much time left for revision later.

The point is clear, if you are not taking coaching for your ACC exam, you need to be thoughtful that you are well acquainted with the syllabus. In a coaching, the professionals ensure that the aspirants understand the syllabus step-by-step and know everything about it. Since you are not taking coaching, you need to prepare yourself and be friends with syllabus. Once you know the syllabus, you can manage many things properly and more confidently. Every year there are smidgen of changes in the syllabus and hence, it is critical that before you jump onto the prep, you know the syllabus well.

Follow a study routine

It is mainly important to organize your studies in a way that you do not really end up wasting your time studying absolutely nothing. The concentration while making an exam routine must definitely be on the equal distribution of time to each and every single paper or portion of the exam. So, you require to make sure that each and every single paper (Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4) attains equal time. You require to concentrate on all papers as all have a total of three hundred marks. For completing such a huge sized syllabus for ACC examination, you require to commit minimum of 9 hours of your day. Remember that you can change the routine as per your ease and need. But make sure that you stick to the routine that you have made for yourself.

Remember that since you have not joined any coaching, you need to be double sure about your routine. When you religiously follow your study routine and give time to different topics and concepts, you can be sure that you do not miss out on anything. You would have a balanced prep with BYJU’s Exam Prep. Of course, in your routine, make sure that you add up a sample testing day. In this way, you can every week have one or two days for your sample tests solving. In this way, once you solve your tests, you would know how far you have come and how far you need to climb. In this way, there would be a proper check on everything with your proper study routine.


To sum up, it is really not challenging if you are determined to ace at ACC exam without coaching. You just keep the discussed things in mind and stay truthful to yourself.

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