Play Safe Appeal Not Enough

Play Safe Appeal Not Enough

Date added: December 14th, 2021

Though it is impossible to stop gambling in its entirety, there are, however, ways it could be controlled and made safer for a better experience. Spincastle aims to do exactly that with their plans for the Safer Gambling Week. To test the efficacy of their campaign, they had launched it only on their English website.

The campaign was launched to ensure that users understand the ways to make gambling a safer experience. The messages that they had put up had to be interesting with an attractive appeal such that they are distinctly visible to all users. The main idea behind such hard work was to ensure that the messages could get through and reach the general crowd easily.

What Was The Plan

Spincastle had taken into account three messages for safer gambling that they showcased on their website. They stuck to the orange theme of Safer Gambling Week and displayed their messages in the said color on top of their website. This ensured that users of the website could easily spot the messages that they wanted to get through. The three messages that Spincastle formulated for this time are “Responsible players do not lose”, “Thank you for caring”, and “It’s Safer Gambling Week 2021”. The results indicated that the first message garnered a click rate of 2.49%, the second one at 2.29%, and the last one at 1.99%. In total, of all the visitors that visited the Spincastle English website, 2.29% clicked on the educational safe gambling messages.

Martin Stranski, the project lead of Responsible Gambling at Spincastle said that these numbers are higher than the general number of clicks that they get on some of their regular educational content on gambling. Since the efforts showed fruition, attempts will be made to incorporate the collected data to create safer gambling campaigns. Such articles and messages would be tactfully displayed in the Spincastle sites throughout the year.

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