The ultimate word counter for bloggers and research writing experts

The ultimate word counter for bloggers and research writing experts

Date added: April 22nd, 2020

It is good to use online soft wares and applications because they reduce the difficulty level of most tasks. An online scientific calculator would perform the most complex calculations only on the basis of input values. Similarly, a word counter works well when you have to check the length of content. It is important to follow word limits whether an article is being written or a dissertation literature review is being drafted. Keeping a check on the word count is very important. At times, users are not conscious about the standard of the tools selected. They search online and choose any tool which seems suitable. This can create a lot of trouble because several tools are nothing more than counterfeiting. There is nothing different about word counters as well. A lot of word counters are nothing but pure disappointment for writers. However, when it comes to the word counter by Prepostseo, it easily reaches the highest levels of quality.

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Online word counter

What makes this word counter better?

There are several factors which prove that this word counter is much better than the alternatives. Here are some of them.

The word count is accurate with a 100% confirmation

The sole purpose of using a word counting tool is to get the correct number of words. If a tool fails to do so, there is no point in using it. It does happen that certain tools seem quite dependable but when one starts using them, the flaws become apparent. For instance, the word count may not be calculated with accuracy. Such tools should not be used. This word counting tool is free of all accuracy issues. The correct word count is determined irrespective of what the content length is.

  • It can be pure hassle for writers when they have to recheck the word count after using an online counter. Most writers are overburdened with busy schedules. They cannot afford to complete the writing goals as well as count the words. This word counter is a commendable option for them as it reduces the level of work stress. If you are a corporate report writer, you can pay attention to fact compilation, content elaboration and other related tasks. Once you are done with everything, this online counter can be used to check whether the content length is correct or not.

Social media professionals find it amazingly useful

The diversity of social media usage is increasing at a very fast pace. It is not restricted to casual conversation and picture sharing anymore. As a marketing platform, it is being used by the top rated brands which are a part of different corporate sectors. These days, companies are investing tons of money for social media marketing campaigns.

  • Social media marketing revolves around interesting posts which are published to attract customers. These posts need to meet certain requirements otherwise they do not get the needed attention. Having the appropriate word count is a major one. Professionals who are responsible to handle social media posts do not have the time to check the number of words written. Other than that, if there are problems with the word count, the post gets rejected. Hence, these professionals need an automated tool through which the correct count can be determined in less time.

Any user can use it without tolerating financial burden

The cost factor holds a lot of importance whether you are buying a daily consumable or selecting a tool. Paid tools are quite expensive and most people do not even consider them. On the other hand, when it comes to free tools, they have issues related to dependability and trust. A tool may be available for free but there may be quality issues attached with it. This tool is free but the standard of performance is simply amazing. The exact word count is produced which acts as a major relief for writers.

  • A lot of tools simply make promises of being free but the reality is quite different. Heavy charges are applied on the users after they have used the tool for a certain time span. For any user, it is hard to stop using a tool and switch to another option. He has no option but to procure the paid version. This tool does not deliver any such surprises to the users. It is completely free and no hidden terms are exercised.

The steps of usage are simple and short

Here are the short steps which a user has to follow while using this word counting application.

Uploading the required information

You have to follow a step wise process to use this tool. Begin by selecting the content for which you have to determine the word count. There is a text box in which the content can be pasted. This is the first way out. The second alternative is browsing for the appropriate file. If you have the content in a PDF formatted file, direct selection would not be possible. However, there is no need to go through this step as the file can be uploaded directly. Once you are done with this step, move on to the next one.

The accurate word count generated

This word count maintains the highest accuracy standards. You do not have to recheck anything because the correct results are produced.  If you are a writer, before the submission date, this tool can be used to determine the word count. Do not worry about any mistakes because it has a strong development background. As a result, no accuracy problems are experienced by the user.


Even if you have the time to count the words of the written content, there is nothing logical about doing go. A good word counter determines the count immediately. This online application requires a very small duration to determine the word count. Hence, if you have a stringent timeline to meet, this tool would surely suit you. It is free to use so if you cannot afford paid soft wares, using this online counter would help you in meeting your needs.

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