Best Apps For Getting Weather Forecasts

Best Apps For Getting Weather Forecasts

Date added: May 8th, 2023

Weather update might seem to be one of the least bothered things on the app, but they are capable of shaping your entire day. Also, many businesses might be compelled to hold back a decision just because of a minor change in the weather. For instance, farmers are dependent on weather as they deal with plants and crops that need rain, sunlight and proper humidity to make their plants grow well. People who want to deliver a product to their client take care of the weather and make sure that it does not end up getting spoilt in the rain.

The current innovation in the field of science and technology has given us different apps that can let you stay aware with so many dynamics about the weather. This can help make better decisions and help you plan your deliveries, plantations, meetings and other business activities. If you are a Spectrum user, you can use news and updates channels using spectrum select channels that have so many news channels. You can watch weather updates round the clock and stay informed. Also, if you want some handy information provider, then you can use Spectrum internet to download weather update apps. 


The app gets you accurate weather updates and forecasts and in-depth knowledge about the latest weather updates and alerts in case there is very severe weather ahead. They are very precise and scientifically accurate information that helps you stay ahead no matter what you do. Also, if there are any sudden changes in the weather then you can use the live alerts to get you updated information and reports. The app now has a new UI that makes options more streamlined and stunning. You will also get minute-by-minute updates that are super accurate and enjoy other features like mapping layers, UV index, precipitation and other dynamics of the weather.

App Store Ratings: 4.6

Carrot Weather

The app is one of the crazy and powerful tools that understands what your privacy means for you. You can find some hilarious and twisted forecasts. You can select around 5 personalities for the CARROT which is a weather robot created for your weather forecast. The app will get you detailed and accurate data about the weather and gets you super cool and round-the-clock forecasts so that you can be at your best intuition when planning your day. The unique thing about the app is that it never sells your information including your location and other information to a third party. Apart from the usual weather forecasts, you can unlock more than 50 achievements, record your own weather report and even use AG to play around with CARROT. The app makes your weather forecast a bit fun as well.

App Store Ratings: 4.7

Dark Sky

The app provides users with the most updated and versatile updates for users looking for information on the weather. It can provide you with information like accurate start and stop times of the rain and delivers information based on the place where you are located. You can have minute-by-minute, hourly and weekly updates on the weather using beautiful animation that can show you paths of the storm and the position it is moving in and its expected path. The advanced notification systems and options help you receive updated alerts about severe weather alerts and can also create custom notifications for the wind, temperature and many other dynamics for the coming 24 hours. Another interesting feature of the app allows you have a look at the weather in the past dates so that you can have information about the weather at any point in time.

App Store Ratings: 4.7

WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

This is one of the most popular apps that you can get for free and is powered by one of the largest and professional weather networks in the world. The app is very easy to use and helps you getting information for making important decisions. You can get warnings about approaching storms and even the amount of pollen available in the air. The network is capable of providing the fastest weather alerts and real-time forecasts for upto 10-days and on an hourly basis. There are 18 different weather maps including wind, alerts, pressure, Doppler radar, etc. You can use the app to use Real-time pinpoint weather forecasts and get the most enhanced and interactive maps to view your weather. You can track almost any weather condition throughout America, Alaska, Hawaii and other regions. To get you weather updates from around the globe, you can use the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® technology and make your weather forecast come from a very reliable source. Notifications for severe weather get to you faster using the Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts used by the app. The best part is you can use Apple Watch to get all these alerts just by looking at it.

App Store Ratings: 4.7


This is one of the powerful and attractive weather forecasting apps that can help you have a look at the current and upcoming weather with ease. It uses a smart layout so that you stay updated as soon as the weather conditions change. You can have a look at the different aspects of the weather including air quality, temperature maps, precipitation and many other things related to weather conditions around you. You can view the weather conditions and forecasts including high and low temperatures that are color-coded to make things visually clear for you. You can even have a look at the alerts provided by the government whenever there is a winter storm, tornado, or any other calamity approaching also you can get information on snowfall and rainfall as well including their start and stop timings. All of this and more comes to you using a single app.

App Store Ratings: 3.9

Nature can be unpredictable, but you can get forecasts and updates on the weather conditions using the apps mentioned above. All of these are free to use and provide you with updated information on the weather at hand.

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