Level Up Your Website By Having An App

Level Up Your Website By Having An App

Date added: December 2nd, 2021

Do you have a successful website and hit the limits of your traffic? Well, there might always be some optimists saying “the sky’s the limit” and they might be right. Positive slogans or affirmations do not always work because most of the time you have to do something. Preferably the right thing. Besides Google or Bing, there are also other search engines and app search engines within each app store is what I am talking about.

There is however one thing that will multiply your effect also on the website. I am talking about the links. Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft are pages with domain authority higher than 90 and with an app on those stores comes the benefit of boosting your traffic. The links from those stores are almost as good as having a link from bbc or other game changing websites.

Another reason for having an app is prestige and trust. Users have bigger trust in your product when you have an app. It works like a confirmation from the earlier mentioned big brands saying “they are fine”. Can you imagine a big name without an app? If you take your business seriously you have to have an app. There is not a different option. But what if you can not afford it? We are giving you priceless advice. Get a different type of app. There are basically 2 of them.

The expensive app

There used to be a rule. Take the price of your website and this is going to be the price of your app. You can not really apply it on each case, because there are really cheap websites out there. This means some bad news for the low key websites. If you e.g. paid 200 EUR for a lousy website, your app is going to cost at least 600 EUR, but if you paid 20 000 EUR, then expect to pay 20 000 for the app as well.

There is a limit for the lowest possible price, but not really for the highest possible one. Scary, isn’t it! Anyways, it makes perfect sense to invest into a native app if you are a big business and money is not the issue. The reason for such an excessive price is simple. You have to type the same amount of code as on the website, but there is one more distortion. Androids and Apple apps have it slightly different. Before it gets too depressing, let me introduce you to the…

Apps that cost almost nothing

And I am not talking about those “do it yourself without any coding experience” websites. Those are not bad, but request a monthly fee if you want to remove the ads. I am talking about web-view apps. If you have ever heard of iframes, this is what they basically are.

You are basically looking at the website while having an app icon on your mobile. Nobody can really tell the difference – at least more than 95% of users have no idea that the app is not really an app. You can easily download it from your app store and the price starts from about 30 EUR on Fiverr. According to Rowdie, this approach saved the company tens of thousands. The millions lines of football results in the database together with the calculations of football predictions would come up to not less than 30 000 EUR. With the webview app the price was only 350 EUR and that included in app notifications which is an extra feature. Besides the obvious benefit of an extra presence in app store searches and dozens of daily downloads, the boost of website traffic was quite obvious – an extra 80%. How? Just go back to the beginning of this article where I write about the links.

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