Top Educational Android Apps for You

Top Educational Android Apps for You

Date added: April 3rd, 2020

As the world continues to go mobile, a lot of mobile technology has arisen. Mobile technology has made possible what seems impossible before, such as mobile banking, e-learning, online gaming, writing essay online and so much more.

Top Educational Android Apps for You - Top Educational Android Apps for You
Top Educational Android Apps for You

Thousands of new applications are being added to the play store regularly. In this article, we would be focusing on the top educational android apps you should know about to derive the most out of your smartphones.

What are the Top 5 Educational Apps for android?

The Android operating system has been rated as the most popular mobile operating system in use today. An operating system is an underlying software that allows the computer or your mobile phone to perform certain functions.

The popularity of the Android operating system has given rise to the emergence of millions of Android-compatible mobile applications. These applications could be used for entertainment, education, social activities, games, banking, news, and much more.

With our focus being on education, we would be discussing the top 5 educational android apps. Our selection is based on compatibility with your android phones, popularity, functionality, reviews, and ratings.
That said, here is a list of the top 5 educational apps for android:

1- Coursera
Investing in education is one of the smartest investment decision you can make. With the emergence of educational learning platforms like Coursera, learning just got more comfortable and more accessible. Coursera is ranked among one of the best educational apps available today. It has over 1000 courses from seasoned instructors and teachers. Amazingly, some of these courses are free. I mean completely free. Aside from this, you will earn a certificate upon completion of any of the courses on the platform.

2- Google Play Books
Are you a lover of books? Do you like reading? If yes, then the Google Play Books application is something you should check out. You will get access to a variety of publications of different genres.

3- Memrise
Learning a new language can be frustrating and discouraging at times if you are not doing it the right way. Memrise might just be the perfect solution. Memrise will guide you from start to finish.
With Memrise, you would become an expert in the language of your choice. There are over a hundred languages for you. You should opt for the premium plan (paid version), which comes with additional benefits or just stick with the free version if it is meeting all your needs.

4- Quizlet
Quizlet ranks among the top 50 educational sites. It makes use of flashcards, games, and other interactive techniques, which makes learning fun. It is the quickest and easiest way to practice and master whatever you are learning.

5- YouTube
YouTube is the best and the most popular video app in our world today. However, a lot of students are not aware of the immense educational value they can derive from this application. There are millions of channels you can subscribe to and learn any topic of your interest. There is practically nothing you cannot learn on YouTube. Amazingly, it is all free.


Summarily, with the emergence of various educational apps, learning has become more accessible, and knowledge is now easier to get than before. With all these educational apps, you have no excuse for not acquiring knowledge. Tap into the full potentials of your smartphones by downloading one or more of these apps today.

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