Why You Need a POS System in a Restaurant and How Much They Cost?

Why You Need a POS System in a Restaurant and How Much They Cost?

Date added: December 5th, 2018

Whether you are planning to start a new restaurant business or you already have an established business, there are certain things you must put into consideration if you want to succeed. The first thing is the location. Your business must be located in an area where customers can easily find you. You should also have an effective system that will ensure that your customers are served fast. The best software would be a POS system.  This software allows you to perform different functions since it comes with different features. One of the best things about POS systems is that they are convenient and easy to use. They also come with different prices. Check out the article for more details.

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POS System in a Restaurant

Benefits of a POS System in a Restaurant Business

  • Easy placement of orders -Due to technological advancements, nowadays people can make their orders online. It is more convenient and time saving especially to those who are always busy since they don’t need to come to your restaurant. Without a POS system, this is not possible. You only need to ensure that you have a reliable delivery system.
  • Easy payments– One of the best things about POS systems is that they allow customers to pay for goods using different payment methods. This can be very convenient for restaurant owners since it allows them to manage their finances easily.
  • Prevents theft – In many businesses, employees are likely to take items or money from the business if the owner is not careful. The best way to prevent this is by installing a POS system. This system enhances transparency and it also allows you to track every transaction.
  • Mobility – If you are a restaurant owner, it is not possible to be available in the business everyday and manage different activities in your business. Therefore, a POS is very important since it allows you to manage your business wherever you are. You just need to ensure that it works perfectly with your mobile phone.
  • Easy management of stock – Without a POS system, it may not be easy to manage your stock. These systems allow you to keep accurate records of incoming and outgoing products. This keeps you updated when a product is running out of stock.
  • Protection of important data- Data is among the most important things in every business including a restaurant. However, you need to be very careful to ensure that you do not lose important documents or files. To prevent loss of data, every business should use the latest cloud based technology to ensure that important details are stored safely. One of the best systems that will help you in management of data is a POS system.

How Much Does A Restaurant POS System Cost?

The price of a restraint POS system is determined by several factors such as the functions of the POS system, location and the company providing the software.  A basic restaurant POS system costs around $600 for handheld devices. However, if you need an advanced system, you should be ready to invest at least $20,000. You may also lease a POS for $100 per month if you are on a budget.

The monthly subscription of an ordinary restaurant POS system may vary from $20-$25 per month. If you are searching for a complete POS system, it should also include the hardware. Below are some of the important hardware you need in a restaurant.

  1. Tablets/ Touch Screen Monitor – You need reliable touchscreen monitors which your employees will require to enter orders. The cost of these monitors and tablets varies from $900-$2000 per unit. You may need to spend at least $350 for a new iPad. Windows and Android tablets cost around $200.
  2. Receipt Printers –The price of a receipt printer depends on the size and type. A good receipt printer cost around $250.
  3. Barcode scanner – A good barcode scanner cost $150 to $250.
  4. Cash drawers –Most restaurants will need a cash drawer. These ones are the cheapest piece of equipment you will require. Their price ranges from $100-$140 depending on the size or design.
  5.  Credit card reader – A simple credit card reader cost around $100 but if you are looking for an EMV reader, you should be ready to spend at least $30.
  6. Stands and Tablet Enclosures – If you prefer a cloud POS system, you need to ensure that the tablet is well protected from harsh environment. A good enclosure costs about $100 but a stylish one costs about $200.


If you own a restaurant business, Restaurant POS software is one of the most important things you should have. It may seem expensive but it is economical in the long run. With no doubt, it will help you save some operational costs. For example, you don’t need to hire so many employees since you can use it to perform different tasks. It also boosts productivity of your employees. Apart from that, it ensures that your customers are served fast.

When buying a POS system, you also need to ensure that you have purchased reliable hardware. A POS system cannot be effective without the necessary hardware. A barcode scanner, receipt printer, tablet enclosures, credit card reader and cash drawers are some of the important equipment you should purchase. The system you have selected should be easy to use including the hardware. We hope that this guide will help you when setting your budget for a restaurant POS system.

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