Increase Your Restaurant Value by Using Petpooja

Increase Your Restaurant Value by Using Petpooja

Date added: November 14th, 2019

Managing a restaurant is not as easy as it appears at first sight. After all, you are dealing with food and beverages that people eat and drink. Even a slight depreciation in quality can seriously dent your reputation – a reputation you have earned through years and years of hard and smart work.

As a restaurant owner, you have to keep track of multiple processes, each of which is important and demands its fair share of your time. You have to check inventory levels and place orders proactively to prevent any last minute shortages of raw material. Hygiene in the kitchen and the serving area are of paramount importance, lest they create avoidable quality issues.

Then again, you have to ensure that your associates – cooks, waiters, support staff, suppliers and others – are well tuned to their roles and responsibilities. Last but certainly not least, your staff has to take the correct order from the customer and convey the same without error to the kitchen staff.

After handling all these responsibilities, you might be left with little creativity to improve your restaurant’s menu, services, theme, decor and other such facets that add direct and indirect value to your restaurant. This is where Petpooja comes into play.

What is Petpooja?

pet p - Increase Your Restaurant Value by Using Petpooja
Increase Your Restaurant Value by Using Petpooja

Petpooja provides an operating system for a whole range of food and beverage establishments on account of its superb configurability. Such outlets include:

  • Restaurant
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Coffee Shop
  • Bakery
  • Food Trucks
  • Delivery Services
  • QSR
  • Dessert Shops

The software fine tunes all elements of management for your restaurant or food and beverage establishment. Such streamlined administration enables real time supervision of all facets of your restaurant – online orders, billing, kiosks, inventory, robots and more.

Coordination between the various departments of your restaurant is the key to a successful operation. And by placing all the data from all the sections of your restaurant before you, the software allows you to make superior and timely decisions, enabling you to run your restaurant smoothly. This is precisely how Petpooja boosts the value of your restaurant – in the simplest and shortest of words.

Petpooja Products

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The software offers 3 products:

1- Billing POS: This is the billing software for android based devices as well as desktops. The billing POS is at the very focus of the Petpooja mechanism. Chief characteristics of the billing POS include:

  • Billing & KOT: Billing personnel require less than half an hour to master the POS. And, it can print as many as 150 bills in 60 minutes. The interface is easy to use and the POS supports numerous terminals.
  • Menu: You can create diverse categories of food for simplified ordering while generating menus and prices based on areas (outdoor / indoor section, poolside etc.) and type of order (in-restaurant dining, parcel etc.). The menu section is integrated with online food portals for greater market penetration.
  • Reporting: Receive reports on all elements – sales in all your restaurants, tax matters, client profiles, discounts and the like. You can also get comparative reports for sharper insights.
  • Inventory Management: Establish minimum level standards for stock and compare with the actual stock levels. You can categorize stocks as raw, semi-prepared, and completely prepared. That apart, this feature enables you to get a report on food cost, manage suppliers, and monitor flows between the kitchen and the restaurant / outlet.
  • Tax and Discounts: The POS is GST compatible and allows you to provided discounts based on food category, day / night time, discount coupons, and food items.
  • Role Management: Set access controls based on each user’s roles and responsibilities.

2- Kiosk: The kiosk aspect lends your customers the capacity to order by themselves. It software and hardware are based on android and it decreases the workload of the billing section of your restaurant. Powerful features include the following:

  • Interactive User Interface: For an uninterrupted and smooth user experience.
  • Integrated with Payment System: To facilitate quick and convenient fund transfers.
  • Recommendations based on AI: Make sure to establish compatibility between your restaurant and your customers.
  • Strong Hardware: Designed to more than just withstand the load imposed by routine operations.

3- Admin Application & Dashboard: If you operate more than one restaurant, the admin application and dashboard is for you. An android app, it enables you to administer your multiple restaurants from a single location. Major traits are as follows:

  • Thorough Reports: The dashboard has all data and its analysis constantly under the scanner of your eyes. Moreover, these reports are based heavily on data to provide the correct insights.
  • Centralized Configuration: You can keep track of customer data, tax related information, discounts and other such stuff with the dashboard.
  • Access to Reports from Anywhere: You can view and download all relevant reports – based on time or category – from any location. The dashboard ensures that you do not have to get to your office and log on to your computer to know the content of your reports.
  • Centralized Edits: The dashboard provides the facility for you to make changes in the items listed on the menu, their prices, discounts offered and other related aspects. Such changes are immediately visible to your restaurant employees. Using this facility, you can also manage inventory.
  • User Access Control: You can define access and rights of various personnel depending on what they “need to know” and “need to handle” using the dashboard. Such separation allows you to maintain greater control over who is doing what. When your employees know this, they will maintain discipline.
  • Chain Management: From a single screen, you can supervise all your food and beverage establishments. Moreover, you can compare the performance of all your outlets on a single screen. Output is measured via important metrics.

How Petpooja Increases Your Restaurant’s Value

By integrating all aspects of all operations of your restaurant into a single, consistent system and making a whole range of insights available on a single screen, the software empowers you to:

  • Better coordinate with your employees, suppliers, accountants, and tax personnel.
  • Understand the demand for each food item at different times in a year.
  • Maintain superior supervision and control over all operations in your restaurant or food-beverage outlet.
  • Avoid errors in order placing and billing.
  • Execute improved inventory management.
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of all restaurant operations.
  • Be compliant with all the tax laws and regulations.
  • Make changes in the menu, prices, discounts, and user access as and when necessary.
  • Study reports in order to better understand customer preferences and serve them accordingly.

Finally, Customers are discovering the true meaning of customization in the 21st century. And, they are demanding greater personalization in everything. Petpooja opens up a whole treasure of customer data, while also supplying the tools to cater to the same.

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