Is CEH harder than CISSP?

Is CEH harder than CISSP?

Date added: April 26th, 2021

With the increasing cybercrime threats and attacks worldwide, it can be understood why the demand for various IT security certifications grows year after year. Many IT professionals have opted to take the path to the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP certification) and the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH certification) from among a wide range of available certificates.

Many have a common question of CEH being more difficult than CISSP. And what is more precious than the other path? The choice of the CEH certification preparation strategy depends only on you. Participate in either the ethical hacking training program or follow the self-study route. Make sure to make a genuine effort to prepare for CEH because your career will benefit immensely.

Why CEH certification?

A CEH certification enables trained practitioners to demonstrate that their theoretical understanding is high and has operational solid expertise and experience to reinforce an organization’s IT system. It introduces and inspires applicants to use new methods when searching for flaws and fighting cyberattacks.

It enables you to identify safety vulnerabilities beyond the scope of vulnerability scanners with appropriate expertise. Although vulnerability scanning is the first step in ethical hacking, it does not restrict what the software recognizes as vulnerabilities or ways to use them. In various ways, attackers may exploit a vulnerability, and CEH makes it suitable for you to get to the very bottom.

Want to become CEH?

What does a Certified Ethical Hacker do in the first place? You’re mainly a certified hacker as a CEH. You learn more about the vulnerabilities and limitations of targeted IT infrastructures and systems in this educational process. You are using the same resources, techniques, and information that malicious hackers use to cause data violations and other cybercrimes. It is mostly like using an IT criminal mind to stop criminals before compromising an organization’s data successfully. The popular method is to get you to think like a hacker to avoid real hackers.

This specific credential requires a strong base in IT expertise. Technical current knowledge is not necessary, but this sort of foundation is beneficial. For instance, an existing system administrator or server manager will be far easier to receive his/her CEH certification on the foundations of his/her current experience and expertise.

How to become CEH?

The CEH credential is a vendor-neutral certificate designed to provide information technology professionals with the same skills and resources that criminals use to stop and detect malicious hackers.

Students having two years of work experience relevant to security can apply to take the EC-Council examination for approval. People who do not have two years of experience will have to participate by an approved online program or in an approved training at an accredited training center. These specifications train aspirants for the exam and help screen out hackers and hobbyists.

In the end, students will be ready for the examination. They will also be prepared to handle all penetration tests or ethical hacking scenarios in their IT security careers.

Tips for the best way to study for a CEH exam

Here is what you can do if you have chosen to assess your knowledge and pass the CEH examination by self-study.

CEH is a credential at an advanced level. Before taking the test, make sure you studied well. You will be assessed based on your tools, scenarios, commands, and more.

The passing score is not set for the CEH test. It can differ according to questions and levels of difficulty. The EC-Council appoints questions to include real-world implications and not just academic rigor. Overall, the passing score is between 60 percent and 85 percent.

Test these tactics to find out which ones benefit you most. You will learn how to develop your testing skills and make the process easier for yourself through experiments.

1- Focus on key parts:

Preparation of examinations needs memorization at least initially, but not all material must go beyond that point. Specific contents need only memorizing for a test.

Depending on your intention to take the CEH examination, develop a study plan. Do not spend much time on one subject; make sure you devote the necessary time in all sectors based on your strengths and weaknesses.

2- Practice assessments:

Practice assessments are the best way to know how you’re going to do on an exam. Take as many practical samples as possible, not just from one, from different authors (publishers).

3- Quizzes & Courses

Start trying free CEH quizzes to determine the areas you need to work and change according to CEH standards. It is advisable to follow such ethical hacking courses and improve the understanding of examples and experiences from the real world.

You may also enter an online community or forum to chat about uncertainty and learn from others’ mistakes. It is helpful to train yourself for the test. The best strategy will be to engage in a CEH training program, but you can always take a shot if you are confident to answer questions from all the field topics.

4- Attitude & Emotion

The IT career success will depend on our attitude and emotional capacity to work with technologies. Are you sure to land in this IT role? What makes you get motivated? To become an expert in IT skills takes time, practice, experience, and patience. If you want to excel in the IT profession, the journey is more straightforward. Make sure your mindset is in the perfect place before an examination.

5- Skip more complex questions

Consider skipping the more challenging questions and answer them later. Keep in mind that problems that are not answered are incorrect, so it is best to ignore doubt questions as many as possible. Don’t waste your time stuck on a question, which is worth as much as a more straightforward question.

Which is right for you?

It’s up to you ultimately to decide. Earning potential with the CISSP could be marginally higher. Simultaneously, the CEH allows for more exciting work by most IT practitioners and less certifying demands. Moreover, the CEH has been listed as one of the Best Information Security Certifications for 2017.

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