Tencent’s Useful Insights into CROS Processes

Tencent’s Useful Insights into CROS Processes

Date added: March 28th, 2019

This article will present how CROS boosts mobile games prosperity through innovation and the power of technology in Tencent Games. We will discuss the journey in development and operation for mobile competitive games from four aspects: automated testing, components, game security, and E-sport network quality optimization. Here’s a thorough review of CROS processes:

Tencent Games Released CROS Details at GDC 2019 - Tencent's Useful Insights into CROS Processes
Tencent’s Useful Insights into CROS Processes


Tencent Games Research and development dept has uncovered insights on their new mobile games testing application, WeTest, allowing developers to utilize AI and cloud innovation to examine a game through a vast number of cell phone and OS varieties radically chopping down the time and cost for testing. WeTest enables developers to give the best live assistance for updates and fixes on the capacity to test builds on the APP before sending to perceive what enhancement or bug fixing might be required before deployment.

WeTest is utilized by Epic Games and Supercell among others and has been in charge of prominent releases – for example, PUBG Mobile and Arena of Valor. Tencent is searching for WeTest to help bolster outside the box developers by giving a solution for developers who lack devoted testing and need to examine and streamline.

Intelligent Network Optimization (INO)

INO is an innovation that expands on the ideas and abilities of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Packet Capture and Business Intelligence (BI). In real time, it looks at IP information bundles that cross correspondences networks by distinguishing the protocols utilized and extricating packet content and metadata for quick investigation of data relationships and communication patterns. The innovation is also referred to as Network Acceleration.

A middleware,  INO catches and nourishes data to network operator applications for bandwidth management, traffic forming, policy management, charging and billing, service assurance, income assurance, statistical surveying mega panel analytics, lawful interception and digital security. It is as of now being fused into a broad scope of utilization by merchants who give solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), governments and huge ventures. INO broadens network controls, business abilities, security capacities and information digging for new items and services required since the development of Web 2.0 and remote 3G and 4G innovations.

Mobile Tencent Protect (MTP)

Mobile Tencent Protect (MTP) is an expert versatile mobile game security solution by Tencent Cloud’s portable security team with its game security team. Everyday security protection capacities, MTP underpins great assurance and recognition and can be effectively gotten to by calling 2-3 APIs in a game client, to enable versatile game suppliers to fight game security issues rapidly. At present, it gives stable security services to more than 700 million players of many games, including Honor of Kings and Naruto Online.

G6 – Game Development Solution

G6 is an integrated fast advancement platform for game client and server on Tencent. It is focused on giving solutions for game development teams, to make an array of tools to enhance development and iterative productivity and provide server clustering and upkeep. The platform offers a client-side, server-side development platform, giving game frameworks which including MMO, FPS, ACT, SLG, MOBA, and other categories. Others include two synchronization modes, outline synchronization, and state synchronization. It also enables different game projects to be immediately redesigned. It is likewise stacked with Integrate phenomenal segments, Automated form, CookOnFly, and Remote good machine debugging.

Below images will give you clear idea about CROS.

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